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Sopranos Creator Gives to HFX to Provide Ukraine with Satellite Tech
April 11, 2022

Sopranos creator, David Chase and his wife, Denise, donate $25,000 to HFX Ukraine Victory Fund to provide a Dedicated Satellite Constellation to Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s invasion.




Washington, DC – The Halifax International Security Forum today expressed thanks and gratitude to television icon and Sopranos creator David Chase and his wife, Denise, for a generous donation to the Ukraine Victory Fund to provide dedicated satellite imagery to Ukraine.

“If Ukraine can be invaded by Russia, any country can be invaded, and we felt moved to donate to the fund to help Ukraine fight off an aggressor that disregards sovereign borders,” Chase said in donating $25,000.

“This tangible support by artists and writers reflects the worldwide concern and desire to help Ukrainians fight,” said HFX President Peter Van Praagh.

“I know the entertainment industry has been generous in its support of this need to protect freedom and I encourage others to do as David and Denise have done to give Ukraine the tech it needs to turn back Russia,” Van Praagh said.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence has asked for help from HFX in raising funds for a Dedicated Satellite Constellation (DSC) – a service provided by Earth observation satellite and data company, Satellogic – to track Russian troop movements and enhance the security of departure routes for refugees.

Currently, Ukraine depends on satellite imagery from friendly governments and companies. This new system would fall under the direct control of the Ukrainian government.

Donate to the Ukraine Victory Fund at UkraineVictoryFund@HalifaxTheForum.org or halifaxtheforum.org


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