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President of Halifax International Security Forum Challenges Global Democracies to Push the Populists Into the Shadows
November 16, 2018


Halifax, Canada – Peter Van Praagh, President of Halifax International Security Forum, today opened the 10th anniversary Forum by issuing a stark challenge to the assembled dignitaries from over 70 countries.

“It is not enough to condemn populists as if they have arisen out of a vacuum. The challenge is to properly identify those issues that allow populists to thrive and for us to address those issues head on,” Van Praagh said.

“Only this can push the populists back into the shadows where they belong.”

Mr. Van Praagh’s remarks were made in the presence of Harjit Sajjan, Canada’s Minister of National Defence, a Congressional delegation from the United States led by Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Thom Tillis, parliamentarians from the German Bundestag and the Korean National Assembly, and heads of delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

“There are conferences in Europe and in Asia that attract everyone from every country as if democracies and dictatorships were equals,” said Van Praagh.

“Halifax International Security Forum is not like that. We are certain when we say that democracies and dictatorships are not equal. That is what makes us different.  We say clearly here at Halifax: democracies are better.”

You can find Peter Van Praagh’s opening remarks on the Forum’s website.


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