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HFX Releases Topical Agenda for the 2021 Halifax International Security Forum and Opens Media Accreditation
October 7, 2021

2021 Forum to be held in person, November 19-21, in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Washington, DC – HFX today announced the release of the topical agenda for the 2021 Halifax International Security Forum that will be held in person November 19-21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“This past year was a trying one for the world’s democracies. Not only did they have to deal with COVID-19, but they also faced a relentless series of global challenges: an ever more emboldened China, climate-induced disasters, the fall of Afghanistan, and a shaky transition of power in the United States,” said HFX President Peter Van Praagh.

“This year’s agenda reflects those pressing challenges, and more,” Van Praagh added.

Now in its 13th year, the annual Forum brings together key democratic decision-makers, military leaders, and thinkers who influence their nations’ strategies on global security issues. The agenda is not only topical, but foreshadows the challenges the world will confront in the months ahead.

“There is no substitute for face-to-face, in-person conversations between international defense and security leaders. They lead to collaboration, innovative solutions, and renewed hope for our democracies,” said Van Praagh.

Among the topics to be discussed at the 2021 Forum:

Plenary Sessions

  • After the Fall —
  • The Next 9/11: From Kabul or From California (or from some lab we haven’t heard of yet)?
  • W.W.J.M.D? (What Would John McCain Do?)
  • #StandTogetherOnChina
  • Post-Pandemic: Heed Expectations, Heal Globalization
  • Fires and Landslides and Droughts, Oh My!
  • China’s Quantum Leap Backward
  • — Keep the Faith


Informal Sessions

  • Afghanistan: Why?
  • Arabian Fights
  • Arctic Allies: Warm Up
  • At the Summit Of Democracy
  • The African Century
  • Battlespace: Tech
  • Belarus Hijacked
  • Big Tech’s Freedom Test
  • Bolsonaro’s Brazil: Waxing or Waning?
  • Caribbean Matters
  • Climate, Climate, Blah, Blah, Blah: Dealing With Bad Faith Actors
  • Combat: Hunger
  • Corruption: Corrosive
  • Covid’s Chronic Costs
  • The Fight for Freedom: To the End of History, and Beyond
  • France + Aukus = Fracas
  • Forward Defense: Ameri-can or Ameri-can’t
  • Geopolitics Today: Toward Tech Mate
  • The Importance of Indo-Pacom
  • Indigenous Peoples: Truth and Reconciliation
  • Iran and its Proxies of Evil
  • Israel Booster
  • Long Shot: North Korea’s Nukes
  • NATO’s Winning, Russia’s Whining
  • Prices Up, Power Down: Energy in Transition
  • Pristina’s Peace
  • Private Space
  • Refugees: Lessons from “None is Too Many”
  • Supply Chain Solutions: Rare Earth Recycled
  • Quad: Join the Q
  • The State is Xi
  • Taiwan Strong
  • Taliban’s Survival, Global Jihad’s Revival
  • Tokyo Tradewinds: TPP Trade Wins
  • Tracking Hacking: AI, Quantum and Whatever Comes Next
  • Trust Tech (Trust Me)
  • Ukraine: Liberty on the Line
  • Without Merkel: Europe and the Future of Transatlantic Relations
  • Xinjiang: Genocide 2022


The Halifax International Security Forum is hosted by Canada’s Minister of National Defence and receives generous support from the Government of Canada and Club HFX.


For more information, please contact: Robin MacLachlan, Communications Manager, Halifax International Security Forum – (613) 294-6128

For media inquiries or to register for accreditation to the Forum please contactcommunications@halifaxtheforum.org

Please direct other inquiries to: info@halifaxtheforum.org