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HFX Announces Winter 2022 Taipei Forum
July 21, 2021



Washington, DC — HFX, the Washington, DC-based convener of the prestigious Halifax International Security Forum, is proud to announce that it will hold its first major meeting in Asia in Taipei, Taiwan.

HFX TAIPEI will happen on January 21-23, 2022 in association with Taiwan’s Institute for National Defense and Security Research (INDSR).

“HFX will celebrate the courage and achievements of one of Asia’s most vibrant democracies by holding a landmark international security forum in Taipei,” said HFX President Peter Van Praagh.

“All people who value democracy will immediately recognize the importance of showing solidarity with the Taiwanese people at this time,” Van Praagh added.

The Halifax International Security Forum is widely recognized as the world’s leading security gathering for democracies.  HFX TAIPEIwill be presented in the same unique format as the annual Halifax event.

“We anticipate great international interest at this Winter 2022 forum in Taipei,” said Van Praagh.

HFX is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, DC.

(Scheduling for the 13th annual Halifax International Security Forum remains unchanged:  it will be November 19-21, 2021 in Halifax, Canada.)


For questions about HFX TAIPEI please contact: HFXTAIPEI@halifaxtheforum.org

For Chinese-language press inquiries about HFX TAIPEI please contact HFX Taipei Advisor Vincent Chao at HFXTAIPEI@halifaxtheforum.org

To learn more about supporting HFX’s mission and work, please write to Laura Bridge at Laura@halifaxtheforum.org  or call +1.202.812.9015.

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HFX宣布將於2022 年冬季舉辦台北論壇
July 21, 2021



華盛頓哥倫比亞特區-  總部位於華盛頓特區,享譽盛名的Halifax 國際安全論壇主辦單位HFX ,非常榮幸地宣布將在台灣,舉行HFX在亞洲的首次重要會議。

HFX TAIPEI 將於2022年1月21日至23日舉行, 並會與台灣財團法人國防安全研究院(INDSR)合作。

HFX主席Peter Van Praagh 表示:「HFX期望透過在台北舉辦具有標誌性意義的國際安全論壇,以表彰亞洲其中一個最蓬勃的民主體系的勇氣與成就」。

「所有重視民主的人都將會立刻體認到,此時聲援台灣人民的重要性」Van Praagh 補充道。

Halifax 國際安全論壇一向被公認為是引領世界的民主國家安全集會。此次HFX TAIPEI將一如既往,會以往常年度 Halifax 國際安全論壇獨樹一格的形式呈現。

Van Praagh指出:「我們預期此次於台北舉辦的2022年冬季論壇將會廣泛地引起國際社會的興趣。」







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