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Halifax International Security Forum Statement on the Passing of Senator John S. McCain
August 27, 2018

Senator John McCain declares, “We [the United States] will not torture people,” on a panel
at the November 2016 Halifax International Security Forum


August 27, 2018


WASHINGTON, DC – Halifax International Security Forum joins the millions of individuals in the United States and around the world who mourn the passing of Senator John S. McCain. We extend our condolences to Senator McCain’s wife Cindy and to his children, and to his entire family.

Senator McCain was fiercely proud to be American. And as an American, he fought in war and in peace for liberty, equality, opportunity, democracy—his country’s ideals. Senator McCain’s unwavering—and vocal—commitment to American ideals inspired and gave courage to democratic-minded individuals on every continent.

Indeed, Senator McCain inspired Halifax International Security Forum’s mission to strengthen strategic cooperation among the world’s democracies. His meaningful presence at the Forum every November in Canada gave confidence to entire nations that the benefits of freedom and democracy outweigh any alternative.

As the United States and the world mourn the loss of this global hero, Senator McCain himself surely knew that there are and always will be decent and courageous people to pick up his mantle and continue his work to make the world a better place.

We salute Senator John S. McCain’s extraordinary life—a permanent reminder of the strength of the human spirit.

Peter Van Praagh
Halifax International Security Forum