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Halifax International Security Forum Releases Draft Topical Agenda
October 20, 2014


20 October 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – The Halifax International Security Forum today released the draft Topical Agenda for this year’s event that will be held November 21 – 23 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“This agenda, for the 2014 Halifax International Security Forum, reflects the severe challenges that democratic nations are facing this year,” said Peter Van Praagh, President of the Halifax International Security Forum.

The Halifax International Security Forum brings together individuals who are on the ground facing consequential local threats, writers who challenge and influence the world’s thinking on security, and decision-makers who make the tough choices. To ensure that the agenda is exactly relevant to all of its participants from around the world, the final version of the Halifax Agenda will be released just prior to the Forum.

Halifax International Security Forum is a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, DC.

Plenary Sessions (On-the-Record)

The Next Last Great War: The Next Battle for Modernity

Is Winning Possible? The Laws and Lawlessness of Asymmetric War

Who Controls the Map? Lost Innocents, Persistent Criminals, Depraved Terrorists

O Say, Can’t You See? The Indispensable Role of the Exceptional Superpower

Get Smart: Gaining Intelligence, Missing the Meaning

Africa Breaking Out

Wanted: Food, Energy, Water – A FEW Good Resources

The New Propagandists: The Battle for the Narrative

Small Group Sessions (Off-the‐Record)

Africa Rising, Revising

All’s Fair in Love and (Hybrid) War

Anti-Israel or Anti‐Semitic?

Arctic: Encounters on Top of the World

Asian Advances: China’s Creeping Mission

Between Rich and Poor in the West: The 
Shrinking Middle

Building New International Systems 
Between War and Peace

Corruption and the Erosion of the Nation 

Coup D’emocracy: Protecting Freedom at 
What Cost?

Degrade and Destroy: ISIL and the Future 
of the Arab World

Democratic Asia: The Call for Japanese-Korean Strategic Cooperation

The Enemy of My Enemy is…Iran

Fading Attraction: Europe’s Magnetic Pull

Frenemies: Our Gulf Partners

Hong Kong, China: One City, Two Visions

Latin Lessons: The Role of the Americas in Global Security

Lethal Listserves: What Bad Guys Learn from Each Other

Man’s Humanity to Man: Ozone, Climate and Other Lessons from the Montreal Protocol

The Modern Art of Diplomacy

Modi Operendi: The New India

Pipeline Corridors: The Geopolitical Goals 
of Energy Infrastructure

Political Islam: Political? Islam?

(Re-)Visit Cuba

Red is the New Orange: Ukraine, Russia, 
and the Future of Eurasian Democracy

Sanctioning Reality: The Outsized Role of 
Capital Markets

Suffering from Withdrawal: Afghanistan, 

Technology’s Role in Development and 

Ukraine’s Dysfunction, NATO’s Function?

For more information on the Halifax International Security Forum please contact its communications team at: communications@halifaxtheforum.org