HFX Conversations launched in November 2022 as HFX's first online publication. Dedicated to bringing ideas and opinions from democratic government leaders to the wider public, HFX Conversations will publish essays and interviews when they need to be published.


Missed any of this weekend's conversations? Rewatch ALL of #HFX2022 right on YouTube 👉youtube.com/@HalifaxtheFor… pic.twitter.com/8EeZHjDONj

Every revolution needs a spark, and today women are providing that spark in Iran. Hear what @AlinejadMasih had to say to @tomclarkGPA about Iranian women's ongoing fight for freedom. #HFX2022 pic.twitter.com/AIzwgSAkeK

"We’ve got to ensure that the Ukrainians win this fight. If we all want to live in countries where we can determine our own future, then we have to make sure the Ukrainians are able to determine theirs." —🇺🇸@SenatorShaheen at #HFX2022. pic.twitter.com/VV5uvl2Non