Halifax International Security Forum’s Peace With Women Fellowship brings together senior, active-duty, female military officers from NATO member and partner countries for a 3-week executive tour of the political and technological capitals of the United States and Canada.

Increasing women’s leadership roles in international security affairs is central to safeguarding democracies. To that end, the Peace With Women Fellowship is designed to challenge participants by engaging with senior government, military, corporate, and academic leaders to discuss and better understand the world’s leading security issues. The program endeavors to not only ensure that the Fellows can talk about the problems and ideas with which they interact, but also that they can propose innovative solutions and apply what they learn in their home countries. Halifax International Security Forum is proud to lead the security community with this unprecedented Fellowship program in advancing women’s leadership in security, while fostering a dynamic network of women military leaders across the world.


For sponsorship information, please email fellowship@halifaxtheforum.org


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